"Here is a vignette that is fitting for the new 50 francs notes, for it illustrates the history of the systematic pillage of France, pillage made according to a well thought out plan.
First of all, the occupation costs 400,000,000 francs a day. As there are at this moment almost one million Boche soldiers in France, that is 400 francs per day, per soldier. That is double the entire cost of living in luxury on the Cote d’Azur. The 400 million a day represents double the entire budget for all of France - although there are 40 million Frenchmen. Each German is costing the Treasury as much as 80 Frenchmen.
Of course, the Germans do not spend 400 francs a day for each soldier. Fine wines and extravagant dining are reserved for officers and agents of the Gestapo. The Germans save more than two-thirds of this amount and with the ‘savings’ buy French businesses. In this way they count on reducing all of France to economic slavery.
This is not all. While obliging Frenchmen to accept their “Reichskreditkassenscheine” at 20 francs a mark - although it wasn't worth even 6 francs before the Armistice - they force the Bank of France to print paper francs endlessly.
These are the same Boches who, over the years, bewailed the payment of reparations! We will remember all this on the day of final reckoning."